Constructed by the Greek shipbuilder Argos near Pelion Mount, the Argo was the first ship to have name. The men who sailed her were called Argonautae and the expedition Argonautica.

The Argo had all the necessary equipment onboard required for deep sea voyages including speaking timber (compass) at the bow, and could withstand extreme weather events whilst maintaining heading and speed.

Designed to “…reach the ends of the earth”, no specific infrastructure was required for her to berth, the absence of a main deck considerably reduced the weight and hence draft, all equipment was easily removable and the vessel would be hauled ashore by the Argonauts over wooden cylinders, ensuring security and protection from the elements.

Argos successfully incorporated the marine operational requirements of the project during the design phase of the Argo, ensuring his client (the Argonauts) great success in their expeditions.