Marine Survey

We support the industry with professional representation to Clients for incident investigations, expert witness and marine survey inspections.

Craig Harrison is recognisied by the Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors, and for a number of years served as a member of the Technical Panel for the Office of the Chief investigator in Victoria (OCI) and the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Agency (NOPSEMA). He has been engaged to examine various incidents and disputes including fatality investigations, large scale equipment damage and pollution claims, and contractual disputes in the oil and gas sector.

Maritime incident investigations involve a complex interaction of a number of causes. Identifying these causes requires consideration, not only of the obvious information gleaned from reports and witness statements, photographs and wreckage, but also the impact of aspects of the organisation of work, and human factors such as perception, motivation and behaviour. The task of a Marine Surveyor involved in an incident investigation is to determine what these factors and faults are and the links between them.

There are many examples of cases being lost for the simple reason that an inadequate investigation was undertaken, important evidence overlooked and unsubstantiated causes suggested. At Argonautica, we ensure a robust and professional investigation and report that will withstand external review.


Expert Witness in courts and arbitration proceedings

Argonautica have been engaged in several expert witness roles and arbitration proceedings for disputes arising in the oil and gas, and shipbuilding sector in excess of $100M.

  • Representation provided included areas such as:
  • FPSO condition disputes during hand-back of asset from the Charterer to the Owner
  • Claims of poor management of technical integrity on FPSOs
  • Alleged contractual breaches due to lack of maintenance and poor equipment condition on vessels
  • Alleged failure to comply with FPSO safety case obligations
  • Disputes arising due to poor shipyard construction and conversion contractual planning and execution
Super Tanker Collision

Incident Investigations and Survey

Argonautica offer independent survey services for all types of vessels (including FPSOs) for pre-conversion suitability, condition assessment, hand-back and sale.  We also investigate incidents involving damage to vessels, equipment and sadly, loss of life.

Our Clients include P&I Clubs, Law firms, Insurers, Ship owners, oilfield and FPSO operators.